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Delicious Baked Fish

Delicious Baked Fish

Ingredients: one Fresh Fish
Infinite Saffron Canola Oil: Sufficient amount
250gr Crushed walnut
Plum paste or pomegranate paste
A bunch of chopped Parsley, A bunch of Savory
Two grated Onion
One Onion: sliced
Garlic: 4Pc, Lemon: Sufficient amount
Black Pepper, Turmeric, Salt: Sufficient amount
Let’s choose a Fresh Fish and clean it. Open the fish belly and make four diagonal cuts on top of its body. Add pepper, turmeric, and salt at all parts of the fish then apply & rub Infinite taste saffron canola oil all around the fish and its inside. Mix crushed Walnuts, Plum paste / (pomegranate paste), Garlic, grated onions, chopped parsley, and spices then fill all in the fish belly then close the belly by toothpicks. Cover the Oven tray with circle sliced onions and lemons then put the fish on them. Add sliced lemon & onion inside the cuts made already on Fish. Add savory greens on it. Cover the tray by Aluminum and put it in the oven for 30 min to be well cooked.
Serve with rice or with steamed vegetables, Bon appetite!

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