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Delicious Bakala Polo with Muscle

Bakala Polo with Muscle

Ship Muscle: 500gr. Rice : 4 Cup
Bakala Sabz Bean: 1Cup /Dried Dill : 3 TBSP/Onion: 2Pc. /Garlic: 4Pc
Infinite Saffron Canola Oil: Sufficient amount/ Black Pepper: Sufficient amount
Turmeric: Sufficient amount/ Salt: Sufficient amount)

First choose a suitable pot and after the onions are crushed, mix with Infinite Taste Saffron Canola oil in the pot. Continue frying the onions until soft. Then we clean and wash the muscles well.
After cleaning and washing the muscles, add them to the pot and put the lid on the pot for about 5 minutes to cook slowly. After 5 minutes, return the muscles to the side so that the other side is well fried.
At this point, cut half of the garlic into small pieces and add some turmeric, black pepper and salt to the muscles. Next, pour enough water into the pot to cover the muscles completely
Then lower the heat to the bottom of the pot and cover the pot. It takes about 4-5 hours for the muscles to cook slowly. After we are done with the muscles, we will go on to prepare the beans Rice (Bakala Polo). Next, soak the rice and heat a pot containing a few glasses of water. Add some salt and allow the water to boil. After the boiling water comes, add the rice and allow to soften slightly.
We rinse the rice when its body is soft and just its core is solid. Add the beans in a large frying pan and add the remaining garlic.
Add some salt and black pepper to the ingredients, and after a shallow frying, add the drained rice to the pan and remove from the heat and mix well. Put a suitable pot on the heat and pour Infinite Taste Saffron Canola oil into it.
To make the bottom of the pot, you can use either looped potatoes or Naan by putting it at the bottom of the pot then add the rice and bean mixture. Increase the pot under heat until the rice starts to steam then reduce the heat. Add half a glass of water and Infinite Saffron canola oil to the rice, then put the lid so that rice cook well. It will take 45 min to be ready. Then serve & enjoy bakala polo with Mahicheh!

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